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  • Easy Fixes for the Figure

    1:27 PM PST, 6/30/2009

    What about those great tops that we wear with anything from our jeans to a nice pencil skirt.

    1* Don't wear a top that is either too tight or too baggy.  Loose baggy ones make us look large all over and the tight ones will give you an out of proportion look to our hips. Ughhhhh!

    2*A nice fitted T-shirt (remember not to tight) or button front top plus turtlenecks, open collars and V-neckline call attention to the face making the eyes look up.  That's a good thing.

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    Oh and when you sport a Jacket or Blazer make sure that it does not hit the widest part of your hips.  Remember to always look in a full length mirror to see what people see from behind you.  That could be an interesting view!!!!

    Depending on your height the Jacket or Blazer should fall just below the waist to mid thigh.  And don't forget that you do not have to "button" the jacket up.  Wearing it open gives you those slimming vertical lines that slenderize the body shape.  WOW that's for me.  Oh and another tip, if you are heavy from the waist down, PULL UP those sleeves.  Solid color around your middle will add the look of weight, so push those sleeves up and break up that color.  Takes 10 lbs. off your look.  Go ahead and try it standing in front of a mirror, SEE it does work!