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  • Top 10 NO NO's in Fashion

    11:27 AM PST, 3/17/2007

    Dressing with Style
    5 Fashion Tips

    1. When you have "no shoulders" don't take out those shoulder pads!!!!! They will balance you body frame and make you look 10lbs. lighter.  You do not have to use "football" size shoulder pads, but use SHOULDER PADS.

    2.  If you use a shoulder bag/purse and you do not want to emphasis your hips, then make sure that bag does not land at the hip area.  Look in the mirror at your backside with the shoulder bag on your shoulder.  Where is the focal point!!!!  If it lands on the hip area, tie up those straps.

    3. The key to any accessory is to make the eye look up.  So if you wear pins/brooch'es wear them up on the shoulder.  Wearing them close to your breast makes that the area people will look at first.  Get those pins move up right at the shoulder area.  It will add class and a great look.

    4.  Do you have extra weight around your middle?  Then push up those sleeves.  Solid color around the middle of your body creates a bigger look.  Break up that solid color by pushing up your sleeves.  Test this out:

    Stand in front of a mirror with those sleeves down, then push them up, you look 10lbs thinner!!!!!!!

    5.  Buy a GOOD bra that lifts you up, nothing is worse then sagging "ladies".  Starting with a good foundation is the key to how well your clothing will look on you.


  • Are you the Superwoman of the 21st Century????

    5:35 PM PST, 3/9/2007

    As women, we are busier than ever with family, work, church, our spouse, our kids and our community.
    Many times the last person to get your time and attention is YOU. Experts tell us that we see our reflection some 30-40 times a day. Meaning, our appearance can give us 30 positive affirmations or negative reinforcements.

    That is 30-40 ways to say "Way to Go" or "Go Away". Start with an extra five to ten minutes at the beginning of the day to put your look together so you are ready to meet the world..your neighbor, or your 2 year old! This will include your hairstyle, your make-up, and your outfit.

    The result will be that you will have more confidence and feel better about yourself all day. You will also reduce the stress and tension that come from being "unready" for the day.