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  • How to care for leather shoes

    4:41 PM PST, 1/30/2008

    How to Polish Leather Shoes

    The first thing people notice about you when you walk in a room is your shoes. So they'd better be looking tip.

    Why Polish Leather Shoes? The best quality shoes are made of top grade leather, but if you don't take care of them, even the nicest leather can look terrible over time.

    Remove Dirt From the Leather Shoes The first step is to make sure your shoes aren't dirty. After removing laces if you've got any, take a damp cloth or clean rag and wipe away any dust or debris clinging to your shoes. If they're particularly filthy, try using a saddle soap or other leather cleaner to properly prep your kicks. You may want to invest in a couple tools to help in polishing your shoes, which can include chamois or buffing cloths, polish applicators, shining brushes, and a shoe horn. You can also  use an old cotton t-shirt to do the jobs. 

    Polish the Leather Shoes Apply a generous amount of polish to your shoes with a clean cloth or applicator, but do not to cake it on. For tough to reach spots, try using a q-tip, especially near the seams to the sole. Once you've applied a first coat, allow the polish to dry for about fifteen minutes. Most times all you'll need is a single coat, but if you've never polished your shoes you may need to go back and touch up the spots that need it most.

    Buff the Leather Shoes Use your shoe brush to get rid of any polish that hasn't been absorbed by the leather of your shoes. Use a clean q-tip to get the tight spots, and don't stop until you've wiped off all the polish. Next take a clean cloth or chamois and buff your polish to a shine.  Your wardrobe is an investment and your belts and shoes should be treated as such.  When you treat them well and take good care of them they will last you for years to come.  Classic shoes, especially for men do not go out of style from season to season.